Karma Casting is an App-Based Platform that connects profiled Talent with the right events, or 'gigs', in their area. Through the Karma Casting App, we are able to provide a transparent, efficient, and more reliable staffing solution, while focusing on what matters most - the people.
Brand Ambassadors
Brand Ambassadors are the people who bridge the gap between the brand and the consumer. They are the "face" of the brand. Our roster of over 20,000 Ambassadors in Canada and 50,000 in the United States are ready to represent your brand with passion, energy, and good Karma!
Certified Retail Sampling Team
As restrictions ease across the country, retail sampling is making a come-back bigger than ever! Our Retail Sampling Ambassadors are certified to represent alcoholic/cannabis products at retail locations depending on the province (Smart Serve, Pro Serve, Serving It Right and Cannsell certified).
Retail Merchandising
Our team of trained and experienced merchandisers can support by performing stock-outs, organizing the shelf, setting up displays, adding promotional materials to existing products (value-adding), and conduct planogram resets.
Promotional Models
It's important to consider the specific brand image that has to be conveyed at every event.

Karma's roster of culturally diverse, talented, and professional models will elevate and convey the correct brand image for the right brand.
Certified Delivery Drivers
No matter if the job is big or small - with Karma's roster of certified drivers, our team is ready to deliver! If you have 1 package or 101, Karma can help. Karma certified drivers have more than just their driver's license.

If the delivery involves alcohol, we've got local drivers with required alcohol certifications to conduct the deliveries safely and in accordance with all local government guidelines.
National Tours
Looking to represent your brand nation-wide? We've got you covered! Karma's roster of Field Managers, Coordinators, and Brand Ambassadors are ready to travel far and wide to bring awareness to your brand nationally!
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