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Karma Casting App Virtual Tour is Here-People Management for the New Generation

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Are you looking for great people to represent your brand and have no idea where to start?


Do you struggle with managing people that are working remotely?


Are you looking for ways to scale your business without incurring additional overheads?


Do you need to make adjustments to your infrastructure as a result of business changes?


When it comes to staffing and people management, there can be many challenges and pain points – including (but not limited to) profiling candidates, onboarding new hires, training, scheduling, execution management, reporting, payroll. . . the list goes on.


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Now – imagine a world where all of the tools to connect with and manage the deployment of great people existed in one single technology platform?

It exists! It’s the Karma Casting App!

Click below to explore the Karma Casting Virtual Tour:


The Karma Casting App is an innovative blend of technology and approach designed to put People First.When we laid out the framework for Karma on a napkin five years ago, we had no idea it would become the industry disruptive phenomenon it is today.


To date, over 27,000 workers across North America have created a profile with Karma. We’ve executed over 2,200 experiential marketing and sales campaigns with 225+ trusted brand partners, all at an industry-leading compliance rate of 99%!


Our goal at Karma is stress-free people management! With everything going on in the world these days, wouldn’t it be nice to work with a partner that is only focused on the people and will allow you to be more productive in your role?


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This just doesn’t seem real? We’re pretty stoked about this too. The Karma App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Feel free to download!