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How To Stay Top of Mind During the Era of Social Distancing

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After months of social distancing guidelines and safety protocols, it is time to turn challenges into opportunities, and get experiential events back on track!


Despite earlier promises and news about increased virtual events and the future of digital experiences, many brands continued to rely heavily on bringing live experiences to consumers, primarily through drive-in events and street sampling. During the summer, experiential marketing events were limited to drive-in movie theatres and concerts, as well as having mobile brand ambassadors in the streets distributing packaged products.


The COVID environment greatly limited the options for brands to get their products in the hands of consumers, and as such, the market became extremely saturated with similar-type events. Quickly, consumers became weary of drive-in experiences and staying inside their own cars. Drive-in theatres and concerts, as well as street sampling, may have been the perfect solutions in the summer months, but customers are looking for live experiences to continue in the fall and winter months.


It’s time to put a fresh spin on socially distanced events. Customers are craving experiences that will allow them to interact with the brand live through socially distanced or touchless activities.


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Mobile tours provide new ways for brands to connect with their customers and showcase company innovation products, limited edition merchandise, and digital integrations that allow for a safe, yet creative and memorable customer experience. While the primary goal of mobile tours may be selling on-the-go, it doesn’t mean pushing. With most mobile tours including onsite merchandise, the real goal is to create an experience that makes people want to buy products through any and all channels.


The concept of a mobile tour is similar to a moving billboard. It instantly sounds better than a stationary one, as it has the ability to get the attention of more people. These mobile marketing tours are, however, more than just moving billboards. Not only is the branded vehicle important, whether it is a van or truck, but so are the people driving it!


It takes more than complex creative, assets, and the idea for a mobile tour to be successful. It’s up to the people on the road, brand ambassadors and field managers, to bring the tour to life and make sure the brand messaging is being conveyed to consumers in strategically planned markets.


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Karma Casting has the right people for your brand, who will bring the idea behind your campaign to life. The Karma Casting App is an innovative blend of technology and approach designed to put People First.


Through the Karma Casting App, we match brands with qualified candidates from our roster of over 27,000 profiled, professional and experienced ambassadors across North America!


We’ve executed over 2,200 experiential marketing and sales campaigns with 225+ trusted brand partners, all at an industry-leading compliance rate of 99%!


We know from years of experience that each campaign is unique and often requires ambassadors with distinctive skill sets, such as those with multilingual capabilities, certifications (alcohol and/or cannabis), and drivers licenses for various types of vehicles from boats to large trucks. All of this data, plus answers to over 100+ profiling questions, are collected from brand ambassadors and stored securely on the Karma Casting App.


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The systems’ algorithms then use this information to match the people to the right campaign, before a Karma Manager conducts a series of online interviews, thus enabling Karma to provide a quick and more efficient turnaround when staffing each event. We don’t waste time on phone calls to find out a candidates’ availability and experience. We go to great strides to fill positions strategically. To further narrow down the pool of candidates, one-on-one interviews are conducted to determine the best fit candidate for each role, before presenting candidate profiles for the brand to review.


Through this strategic approach, we leverage technology so you can focus on critical business innovation, while Karma Casting provides you with top candidates who will be bringing your ideas to life!


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The experiential marketing industry as a whole is changing. The era of social distancing is here, and there won’t be opportunities for large congregate events in the near future.


Now the goal is to bring products, services, and information to customers in a safe and controlled way. Mobile tours fit perfectly into this model, as the smaller square footage and open air would circumvent the need to get people to walk inside a store. Despite the spike in stores moving online, there will always be a need for physical brand presence and Karma Casting is here to help you find the right people for your brand, to bring your ideas to life!


With the right people driving your campaign, both literally and figuratively, it will be set up for success. We provide the flexibility and adaptability for each campaign, whether it is scaling up and adding more ambassadors at the last minute or sourcing a local manager because your team is unable to travel to the event location.

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Regardless of the challenges that may come your way during planning or execution stages, Karma Casting can overcome them professionally, helping you sleep easy at night!

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