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3 Reasons to Love the Karma Casting App

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Our world has changed in ways that we never could have imagined – it has presented significant challenges, as well as the opportunity for innovation.


Over the last few months, we’ve been keeping you posted on industry updates and what we’ve been up to at Karma. It’s time we show you what we’re really all about.


The Karma Casting App is a state-of-the-art blend of technology and human touch designed to help brands find the right people. When we laid out the framework for Karma on a napkin five years ago, we had no idea it would become the industry disruptive phenomenon it is today.


It was another step in the master plan to simplify the process for brands and agency partners looking for great people. To date, over 27,000 workers across North America have created a profile with Karma, with over 2,000 experiential marketing campaigns executed and 250+ trusted brand partners!

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We built Karma by taking the pain points in the staffing and experiential marketing industries (high turnover rates, low compliance rates, low conversion rates, admin work involved in on-boarding and payroll, to name a few), and created a technology-based solution –
The Karma Casting App. It is easier than ever to use and has valuable features for both the workers and the brands looking for the right people to represent them, solving all of the pain points that seem inevitable.



Feature #1: Pre-Screened Candidates

Finding the right person to represent your brand has never been easier! To be considered and apply for any work opportunity, Gig Workers answer over 100 profiling questions when completing their profile. The Karma App automatically narrows down the list of candidates based on your brand criteria, saving you time, money, and stress!

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Feature #2: Geofencing & Facial Recognition

An unfortunate challenge in the industry has been Gig Workers engaging in ‘Gig Switching’ – giving their shift to their friend or family member (unqualified and not profiled) for a lower hourly rate and making some profit! Well…you can’t fool technology.

One of our most loved features is Geofencing & Facial Recognition. Each Gig Worker has to Selfie Check In and Out to successfully complete a gig. The Karma App syncs with Google Maps to confirm that the worker arrived and left the correct location and worked the full duration of the shift.

During these challenging times, companies are unable to travel supervisors to monitor their field deployment. Our geofencing technology ensures that it’s the right person, at the right place, at the right time.

Not only does the Karma App verify the worker’s location, it also uses Facial Recognition software built within the app to analyze the worker’s selfie. If the selfie does not match to the worker’s profile – a Karma Manager is alerted in REAL TIME.

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Feature #3: My Rating

After every successfully completed gig, Karma Workers receive a rating out of 5 stars (kind of like Uber, but better). The rating is calculated based on feedback from Karma Talent Producers (with insights from clients and on-site contacts) as well as the app’s algorithm, which rates each worker on Punctuality, Preparation, Execution, Performance, and Communication.

As a people first company, we believe in transparency. Gig Workers are able to view their rating directly on their profile, and review feedback on their performance from brands and Karma Management.

Ratings are also provided to brands to help with candidate selection…usually when two candidates are equally amazing!

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This just doesn’t seem real? We’re pretty stoked about our tech too. The Karma App is available on the App Store and Google Play. Feel free to download and experience the magic of Karma!